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Community Spotlight: Jill Faulkner

Jill Faulkner
Where do you live?

Austin, TX

How did you come to meditation?

Through working on my relationship with myself and seeking out the tools and resources to support that journey, meditation seemed like it could be a great addition. It was also through yoga practice that I came to learn more about meditation, and the desire grew to get a deeper understanding and really implement a practice.

What inspires you to meditate?

Being still and in silence always feels so nice for me, so it makes we want to do it more. I’ve also noticed a significant shift in the way I am in the world, and how I show up for myself and those around me.

What does your meditation practice look like?

Some days it’s via yoga practice, some days when I walk my dog. Some days it’s journaling, or a guided meditation, and some days it’s a few minutes to just sit quietly.

Do you have any rituals or routines that support your practice?

Lately I’ve been listening to the same guided meditation, which has helped (hello decision fatigue!). I also show up to meditate as though it were a meeting with myself and God. This approach came from my therapist, and it has made it easier to sit each day. I pretend I’m sitting there in a meeting, checking in. And, though not consistently, I’m always game for a candle, or some incense!

How is your life different because of meditation?

Generally my life feels more peaceful. Now I can more easily thwart negative thoughts, get back to my breath, and remember that it is okay, and that I am okay. Meditation has also brought some really wonderful people into my life. I also feel like I bring an energy to new friends, or groups, that make them feel at ease, which makes me feel great!

What are the biggest challenges you have encountered in your practice?

Consistency has been the biggest challenge. For a period of time as well, I put too much pressure on my meditations to reveal answers, or secrets I’ve been searching for. Not fair to meditation (and not fair to me)! I was really wanting to get something out of it, and forgot that the journey is what we get out of it – and that can catalyze some real change.

What advice would you share with someone who is just starting a meditation practice?

Apply no pressure! Sit for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, whatever feels good for YOU. Don’t mind the thoughts that come through, I guess that’s the whole point. Life is going to continue to happen, our thoughts will continue to be there, and meditation will help us navigate all of that as our best self making sure we are acting for our highest good, and the highest good of all concerned. Have fun with it, too! Try an app, try silence, try journaling, try nothing. You’ll know what’s going to work best for you <3

What does your heart most long for?


Jill Faulkner is the founder of Stick With It Co. Stick With It Co. is in the business of helping people focus on the relationship they have with themselves. Using affirmations on sticky-notes as a tool, our mission is for people to wholly, unabashedly, and guiltlessly love themselves. 

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