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Community Spotlight: Henry Morris

Henry Morris


Where do you live?

Austin, TX

How did you come to meditation?

That’s quite the story! The short version is in my early twenties I became severely ill which turned into a chronic condition. At the time I was unsure if I would survive it. I became interested in meditation because I felt that it was paramount that I learned how to cultivate peace in my mind in order to offer forgiveness to others, if it was indeed the end of my time on earth. The ironic thing is meditation did bring that peace for me, and the forgiveness, and I firmly believe that is what saved me and set me on my journey to wholeness and health.

What inspires you to meditate?

The therapeutic benefits that now are infused into every facet of my life are my number one motivation. Also it just makes me a better person and a lot easier to be around. I believe that it all starts with healing our own hearts. If the world had the opportunity and resources to heal the wounds they carry around, the whole world would know peace. I’m inspired to continue my meditation practice to display a different way of living, and inspire others to search themselves and find that healing that is available to us all.

What does your meditation practice look like?

My meditation practice is pretty informal these days. I try to practice meditation and prayer daily but often it happens on the go. I feel like at this point (almost 10 years into my practice), my practice is such a big part of everything in my life, it has become naturally integrated into all I do. So even if I don’t make the time to sit and be still, it does provide space in my mind while I go about my daily tasks. My meditation practice also includes a lot of singing and dancing, my two favorite forms of expression.

Do you have any rituals or routines that support your practice?

Yes! I like to read inspiring spiritual texts, everything from Buddhist Sutras to the Bible. And singing is always a part of my practice as well. It helps to remind me that my voice is powerful and needed in the world.

How is your life different because of meditation?

My life post meditation practice is like night and day to who I was previously. Being mindful of my inner and outer life has healed me in ways I can’t quite explain. I’ve found a new way to relate to my thoughts and my life. It has given me purpose and shown me that I am worthy. As someone who has struggled with mental health issues my entire life, I really feel that I wouldn’t still be here had I not been introduced to meditation and the loving and supportive community that came along with that. I am so grateful to Kelly and her compassionate wisdom that has helped me let go of so much trauma. She showed me how to really love others, but most importantly, how to love me for me.

What are the biggest challenges you have encountered in your practice?

I think the biggest challenge has been learning to have patience! Allowing my life to unfold instead of trying to control every little aspect is a hard practice, and a lifelong one. The mantra “sometimes, it’s like this” tends to come in handy for me in that regard.

What advice would you share with someone who is just starting a meditation practice?

Keep going! Reach out for support and encouragement when you need it. Find a community of like-minded people to practice with and support you. Find a teacher who speaks to your heart. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. It’s not a race to the finish line. The healing journey is not linear, and can often feel discouraging. But having the intention to open your heart makes mountains move. You’re doing a great job having gotten started in the first place. You are so needed here!

What does your heart most long for?

My heart most longs for all beating hearts to find peace. I long for a day where hunger and loneliness disappear for all people, regardless of who they are. Especially all people from all walks of life who are marginalized or treated as unworthy. I want all people the world over to know they are needed here, they have purpose, and they are loved more than they could ever imagine.

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