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Connect you with the practice of meditation.

Support you in establishing a clear and consistent practice.

Inspire you to continue to deepen in practice to realize the benefits of meditation in their own experience.

We create custom-crafted meditation cushions as an invitation and a reminder to connect with your practice, yourself, your moment.

We offer clear guidance in the form of classes, courses, retreats, newsletters and blogs that support the cultivation of a consistent and meaningful practice.

We inspire practice by sharing the wisdom of ancient teachings, experienced teachers, and an active and welcoming community of practitioners.




Physician, Meditation Teacher, Co-founder of Dakini Meditative

Born in the Bahamas to an English mother and Guyanese father who were Canadian citizens at the time, Adam learned from early age the benefits of an open mind.

Adam first encountered meditation at the age of sixteen and the seed was planted. He practiced episodically over the next few decades, yet many aspects of mindfulness and self-awareness were guiding principles in his life. Over the past decade, he has been formally pursuing mindfulness and meditation practices, eagerly consuming new research in the emerging fields of mindfulness and coaching psychology, and incorporating them into his life, both personally and professionally.

Adam’s work is largely focused on those in the healthcare industry, helping clinicians discover, or rediscover meaning, purpose and effectiveness in their work. Through exploration of self-compassion and self-care, he teaches clinicians how to enhance their relationships to themselves, their work, and their patients. These shifts invariably translate to a higher quality of clinician experience, which gets paid forward in the form of improved, and more compassionate, care for patients, all while serving as a buffer against burnout.

His greatest teachers have been and are his family, which includes his wife, Kelly Lindsey, co-founder of Dakini Meditative, their children, parents, and furry companions, most notably the Samdog.

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